Sylvia our resident lady driving instructor at our driving school

training three generations

5 Stars Driving School offers high quality driving training for all ages.

  • Grandmother gained her driving licence in 1999

  • Daughter passed her driving test in 2016

  • Granddaughter learning and preparing for her P test in 2017
Driving lesson - Eddy teaching young adult to drive in his family car

l 2 p

Training you  all the way from L 2 P

5 Stars Driving School


Driving lessons for all ages - age tests - P tests

DRiving instruction available from 5 stars driving school


Your highly skilled driving instructor can train you in our vehicle or alternatively in your own car or a family car.

5 stars driving school is here to fulfill your needs of being competent, confident and a safe driver. 

Driving is not just about operating a vehicle, it is about knowing, obeying the road rules, and making safe decisions to avoid hurting yourself and other road users.

Our driving lessons are one to one. We pick up and drop off after the driving lesson at the required destination provided it's within reasonable distance from the pick up area.

new learner drivers

Training on auto or manual transmission vehicle patiently and efficiently.


  • Overseas licence conversion
  • Refresher driving course
  • Aged test preparation